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Ikan Power Work Preparation Program.(Teen Projects)

The  Physical Education Training and Work Ready Project is an employment preparation program for the youth network. The program will introduce  high school students to the essentials of employment readiness. The essentials include physical training, strength and weakness inventory, resume building, professional communication, proper interviewing, attire, time management, and goal setting.

Students in the program will be exposed to routine interviews that are conducted by local professionals. Interviews will be conducted over the phone as well as on select sites throughout the Grand Rapids area. The interviewer will be provided with a score card that helps to critique the students interviewing strengths and challenges. The score card will have a section for additional comments by the interviewer.

In order to provide students with a real work experience students will work in areas of  custodial maintenance and mini- business where they will learn physical training, building maintenance, inventory control, stocking, pricing, yield factors, cash handling and salesmanship skill in related fields.

Students selected for this project will gain on-the-job-training by working in the Physical education class, Teen Snack Shop and carrying out various functions during teen network leadership, social debating, dances  or other special events. Students will be required to carry out these functions in a professional manner and will also receive a stipend for duties voluntarily performed. Stipends will come from the Teen Dance, Snack Shop, Open Gym and other fund related proceeds.

Looking ahead: To form a program for scheduled supervised teen activities; such as basketball league for the ages 10 to 17 years that will provide them with physical training. This will help also to create two or three additional jobs for teens. The said job would include set-up, breakdown and clean up of the gym and other traffic areas.

Students must qualify to participate in this program and therefore must meet the following requirements:

Complete a minimum of 6 hours in the After School Program activities.

Must maintain good behavior and attendance at school.

Must  provide weekly behavior reports from school or parents.

Must spend a minimum of 1 hour reading or to child care students.

Must show improvement in grades if performing below Michigan Academic Requirements. ( Tutoring maybe required)

Must also participate in Teen Leadership training.

Must  participate in weekly Teen Talks.

Must  conduct themselves in respectful manners at all times.

Must cooperate with Ikan Power Administration and Staff.

Must complete 2 hours of service training in the related area or field of assignment.

The Physical Education Training and Work Ready Project components will satisfy the State’s standards for After School Programs.



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